17 July 2018

Facing my Fears and Walking in Total Victory

Facing my fears and walking in total victory that is what my heart speaks right now, as I type this new blog post I feel like jumping out of my chair, but I chose not to this time around.

In the last few months, I have been meaning to write out my thoughts and my journey to encourage any woman out there, that they can lose weight and keep it off. My life took a total transformation a few years ago when I went on this journey and it has never been the same again.

I have stepped out to do things i will never imagine i could do, like preaching 3 times in my church and i am preaching the 4th message this coming Sunday.

I have had the pleasure of coaching about 7 women this year about living the abundant life by losing weight and each one of them have achieved about 10kgs loss in 4 months.

It has been a journey for me since losing weight 7 years ago and maintaining it.

The focus of this blog is to add value to women and their household by empowering and equipping them with the knowledge i have gained in the last 7 years.

I will not be holding anything back on this blog as the holy spirit leads me and guide. Ladies come on this journey with me and let us grow together and change the world one day at a time.

Until next time, enjoy each day and own your journey and love it.


29 March 2016

The Perfect time is Now

Isn't it amazing how i keep looking for the perfect time to blog but it just never happen?

I just have this habits of starting something and just never following through.I keep saying to myself i will start blogging one day, but i just never created the time to blog.

Did i just say never CREATED the time?Yes i did.I am learning that in other to see your dreams come through, you have to be intentional about it and create time.

This time, I believe i am ready to create time to blog and be intentional about it.

So while my home-made granola is baking in the oven,I have decided that the perfect time to get back to blogging is NOW.

The purpose of this blog, says it all in the name of the blog which is embracingurcurves.

What does embracingurcurves means to me?

It means discovering self.
It means discovering my purpose.
It means taking one step at a time enjoying the journey of life.
It means embracing my God given purpose.
It means doing life on Gods terms.

You are welcome on my journey of living the simple life,where i will be sharing my passion for Living a healthy lifestyle(Physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially).

Any blogger out there?Kindly search your blogging experience with me.